Volcanic,at Heart


A Sacred Origin

La Maná, Ecuador has long been considered a sacred, holy place for ancient civilizations. Its equatorial positioning and rich biodiversity make it a powerful cradle of life and energy. 


Scientist Guillermo Sotomayor discovered the region’s water after traveling to La Maná in the 1980s to extract minerals from the area’s rich subsoil. During his excavations, Sotomayor also discovered over 300 archaeological findings of unknown origin and antiquity. The most notable of the artifacts was a stone pyramid believed to be a “cosmic antenna” activated by ancient civilizations in areas with energetic significance. Coupled with accounts of the water’s restorative powers, these discoveries led Sotomayor and his predecessors to study the water on a scientific level, thereby shedding light on its unique properties.


The design, technology, and symbolism of many of the artifacts—including geometric mandalas and jadeite cups—draw stark similarities to those of prehistoric cultures such as the Mayans and the Sanskrit culture of Southeast Asia. Notably, the finding of a kundalini ("snake" in Sanskrit) is used to represent the flow of energy or 'prana' (breath in Sanskrit) present in the human body, which is often used to raise consciousness through alignment of the body’s chakras.

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Why a
Blue Bottle?

Our dark blue bottle contributes to preserving SPLENDOR’s natural composition, structure, and energy from external elements such as light and heat from the sun until the moment you take your first sip. Indigo also represents the sixth or 'third eye' chakra, which represents intuition and higher consciousness.

A Powerful Source

THE AQUIFER IN LA MANÁ is at the heart of an active ring of volcanoes in the Andes Mountain range. This range acts as a set of energetic nodes due to its elevation and position along the Earth's equator. This area, rich in minerals and unique magnetic fields, creates a natural resonance and energy. It has been highly significant to ancient civilizations and is said have unique healing properties.

UPON DISCOVERY, Sotomayor and his fellow researchers examined the water samples in various laboratories in the United States and Europe. These analyses found that the minerals contained in the water correspond in both quantity and quality to the optimal mixture of nutrients our cells can absorb.

mystical and historic significance, combined with the effects and discoveries about the water, point to the timeless, collective goal of expanding one’s overall wellbeing and consciousness through connection with nature.

A true Living Water

Naturally structured water has a molecular structure that, when magnified, appears like that of a snowflake or crystal. When kept intact, structured water acts as a sensitive membrane that transfers natural energy to living cells more effectively than unstructured water.


We aim to preserve SPLENDOR’s natural structure and energy in every way possible to ensure that it is kept ‘alive’ from the time it leaves the earth until it reaches your lips. To facilitate this process, we transport our water through surgical-grade steel pipes lined with ionizing magnets which keep the molecules in motion along the journey. Additionally, our distinctive cobalt blue bottle protects the molecules from the effects of the sun, keeping them stable until consumption.

Some have classified SPLENDOR as one of the waters with the highest level of Bovis (or life force) energy in the world. It is believed that the water's structure and vibrational level help promote spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical balance, in addition to the harmonization of the body's energy centers (chakras).