A Sacred Origin

La Maná (translating to "The Mind" or "The Mental Body in Sanskrit) was a sacred place for ancient civilizations. Its equatorial positioning and rich biodiversity continue to make it a powerful cradle of life and energy. 


Scientist Guillermo Sotomayor discovered the region’s water in the 1980s while extracting minerals from the area’s rich subsoil. Sotomayor uncovered 300 archaeological findings of unknown origin and antiquity, most notably a stone pyramid believed to indicate an area of energetic significance. These findings, coupled with accounts of the water’s restorative powers, encouraged Sotomayor and his predecessors to pursue further research.


The design, technology, and symbolism of the artifacts, including geometric mandalas and jadeite cups, draw similarities to prehistoric cultures like the Mayans of Central America and Sanskrit in Southeast Asia, atypical of the Incan culture of the area. The researchers also uncovered a kundalini ("snake" in Sanskrit), which represents the flow of 'prana' (breath in Sanskrit) used to raise consciousness by aligning the body’s chakras or energy centers.

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Why a
Blue Bottle?

Our dark blue bottle helps preserve SPLENDOR’s natural composition, structure, and energy from external elements such as light and heat. Indigo also represents the sixth or 'third eye' chakra, a long-held symbol of intuition and higher consciousness.

A Powerful Source

THE AQUIFER IN LA MANÁ is at the heart of an active ring of volcanoes in the Andes Mountains. The area’s unique positioning along the equator, rich, diverse minerals and unique magnetic fields were significant to ancient civilizations, who believed the area to have unique healing properties.

THE UNIQUE DISCOVERY by Sotomayor and his fellow researchers confirmed that the water offers the optimal mixture of nutrients and minerals our cells can absorb. 

mystical and historical significance, combined with the water’s powerful properties, reaffirm its natural benefits to drinkers’ overall health and well-being.

A true Living Water

Living water is water from a natural spring or source that has a molecular structure like that of a snowflake or crystal. When kept intact, it transfers natural energy to living cells in the human body more effectively than water treated by unnatural filtration, treatments, piping, or bottling processes. 


We preserve SPLENDOR’s natural structure from the time it leaves the earth until it reaches your lips. We first transport the water through surgical-grade steel pipes lined with ionizing magnets until it is consciously bottled in our distinctive cobalt blue bottle. These features are designed to keep Splendor’s molecules in motion and stable until consumption. 

SPLENDOR has been classified as water with one of the world’s highest levels of Bovis, or life force, energy. It is believed the water's structure and vibrational level promote spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical balance and harmonize the body's chakras or energy centers.