A pledge to the Earth, and its People.

THE SPLENDOR FAMILY is composed of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, scientists and business experts, whose collective objective is to promote synergistic coexistence among all human beings and our planet.

WE ARE AWARE of our inherent responsibility in sharing a natural millenary treasure like SPLENDOR with the world, and we're committed to bottling and distributing it with wellbeing for all in mind.

AS A COMPANY, we are mindful of our impact on the environment and our responsibility to make a positive impact on our wider community. As we share this powerful water with the world, we pay respect to its ancestral past while striving for a brighter environmental future.


our planet
on our mind

The Smart Planet certification is awarded to sustainable companies and products striving to create a world where people and nature thrive in harmony by promoting the conservation of natural resources for present and future generations. As a certified company, we take pride in promoting the conservation of our surrounding land and the Amazon rainforest's precious resources through implementing environmental and social standards across the following pillars: Conservation of the Environment (Flora & Fauna), Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Gender Equality, Social Responsibility,Support of Local Communities, Promotion of a Circular Economy.

Sustainable Life Cycle

AS PART OF OUR SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVE, in early 2022 we will be the first company in Latin America to ensure that our bottles are sourced from 100% recycled plastic (rPET), and are committed to reuse of our own materials. Every recycled SPLENDOR bottle is given a second life, which helps to conserve raw materials, reduce waste, and contribute to a healthier environment.


UPCYCLING PROGRAM. We also work with local organizations who support our Recycle and Return program to encourage conscious behavior from our customers, and reuse of our own materials. As we become a Circular Economy certified company in Ecuador, SPLENDOR is committed to recovering and reusing at least 80% of our bottles in the next five years. 

IN THE U.S., we encourage our customers to join our sustainability efforts by recycling their own bottles. To find a recycling facility near you, visit EARTH911.COM.

Protecting Our Land

Our pledge to sustainability starts with drastic commitments and hard-to-obtain certifications, and we have even bigger plans for the future.


is our ultimate goal, and our Rainforest Alliance certification is a first step toward environmental accountability. We are currently implementing more energy-efficient practices, as well as investing in forestry and land preservation projects across Latin America. These initiatives contribute to offsetting our remaining carbon footprint.


SPLENDOR is committed to protecting our surrounding territory from the negative effects of illegal mining and deforestation. We are working feverishly to conserve the land surrounding our plant and expand protections in the area in order to safeguard it from the detrimental effects of illegal mining in the region of La Maná.

Giving Back

WE ALWAYS STRIVE TO GIVE BACK to our source and the people of La Maná through various programs and initiatives.

Community matters,

and we aim to give back to our home wherever we can. As such, SPLENDOR is committed to providing free resources to the people of La Maná, as well as local schools and institutions to ensure that they thrive in their environment. Working with local community members, we focus on developing long-term philanthropic ventures to better our world.


AS A 1% FOR THE PLANET MEMBER, we are committed to giving back 1% of our gross sales to organizations that are bettering our environment and supporting the people of Ecuador.