A pledge to the Earth, and its people.

THE SPLENDOR FAMILY is a multidisciplinary team of doctors, scientists, and business experts focused on promoting coexistence among all human beings and our planet. 

WE ARE AWARE of the deep responsibility of sharing a natural treasure like SPLENDOR with the world, and we bottle and distribute it with the wellbeing of all in mind. 

AS A COMPANY, we are mindful of our impact. As we share SPLENDOR with the world, we pay respect to its ancestral past while striving for a brighter environmental future.


our planet
on our mind

We are proud to be among a global group of sustainable companies and products that are helping create a world where people and nature can thrive in harmony. We promote the conservation of the Andes rainforest through the following environmental and social pillars:

Conservation (Flora & Fauna), Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Gender Equality, Social Responsibility, Local Community Support, and promoting the Circular Economy.

Giving Back

We give back 1% of our gross sales to organizations that better our environment and support the people of Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. Our valued partners include:

Official conservation ambassador of the galapagos islands.

In partnership with Fundación Jocotoco, we champion biodiversity and conservation of flora and fauna in the Galapagos Islands. We help implement strategies to protect the Galapagos petrel, a species that is critically endangered, through managing invasive species, protecting and reintroducing native species, and empowering the community for long term sustainability.

Read more about our joint initiative.

CASA INTERAMERICANA. Through our partnership with CASA Interamericana, we support key initiatives in the Intag Valley, in northwest Ecuador, that help combat food and water insecurity, illegal mining by large corporations, and deforestation. Our joint programs help protect environmental rights and educate the children of Ecuador around important environmental issues to build a sustainable future. Read more about our various initiatives with CASA. 

FUNDACION LA IGUANA. In partnership with Fundacion la Iguana, we support their ‘Sembrando Una Ciudad’ (Planting a City) projects to plant biodiversity gardens in urban areas of Ecuador.This initiative aims to reduce the risks that global warming generates for the planet and the future of our children such as: desertification of the land, environmental and visual pollution; and removal of the natural habitat of birds, animals and insects; among others.

FUNDACION ECOS. Splendor sponsors ECOS’ Galapagos Ecology Camp Program with a focus on Invasive Species. Immersed in the unique nature of the Galapagos, ECOS field programs experience the interconnections between humans and nature while collaborating with scientists and government agents on restoration actions.

A Sustainable Life Cycle

We are committed to reusing our materials. Every recycled SPLENDOR bottle helps conserve raw materials, reduce waste, and contribute to a healthier environment. 


In Ecuador, our Return and Reuse program encourages conscious customer behavior, conserves materials, and reduces waste by giving discounts for returned bottles in order for Splendor to reuse our glass bottles up to 60 times, and ourlarge plastic bottles up to 16 times.


SPLENDOR has committed to recover and reuse at least 80% of our bottles and raw materials. We also incorporate at least 15% recycled PET in all our plastic bottles, and will transition to 100% recycled PET in all our plastic bottles by the end of 2023. 

IN THE U.S., we are actively working toward longer term solutions for recovery and reuse of our bottles and encourage customers to join our sustainability efforts. To find a local recycling facility to drop off your bottles, visit EARTH911.COM. 

Protecting Our Land

CARBON NEUTRALITY is our ultimate goal, and our Smart Planet certification is the first step to ensuring environmental accountability. We are implementing energy-efficient practices and investing in forestry and land preservation projects across Ecuador to offset our carbon footprint. 

CONSERVATION. SPLENDOR is dedicated to protecting our surrounding land from the effects of illegal mining and deforestation in La Maná through conservation, safeguards and expanded protections against misuse of mining regulations.