A SacredSource


A Powerful Discovery

La Maná, Ecuador has long been revered as a sacred area to ancient civilizations due to its unique location at the center of the earth: along the equator, nestled in the Andes rainforest. It was here, on his own land, where Dr. Guillermo Sotomayor first discovered the miraculous volcanic water today known as ‘Splendor,' when initially excavating in the area’s rich subsoil.

As the story goes, Sotomayor had a dream telling him to bathe his daughter, who was gravely ill, in the natural water springs that emerged on his land in La Maná. After drinking and washing in this water for several days, the young girl was said to be cured. It was then that Sotomayor realized the true treasure of this land was the volcanic water itself, and with his fellow researchers, was inspired to further examine the water to discover its rare minerals and unique, powerful properties. His mission then became to share this special water with as many people as possible around the world.

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Why a
Blue Bottle?

Our indigo blue bottle helps preserve SPLENDOR’s natural composition, structure, and energy from external elements such as light and heat. Indigo also represents the sixth or 'third eye' chakra, a long-held symbol of intuition and higher consciousness which pays homage to Splendor's spiritually significant source.

Intriguing Findings

In the same area as Splendor’s powerful source, Dr. Sotomayor also uncovered a deep tunnel that hid over 300 stone artifacts of unknown origin and antiquity. Even more intriguing, when placed under ultraviolet light, many designs in the stones shine to form the Orion and Pleiades planetary constellations.  

The symbolism found in these artifacts has to date been impossible to categorize within any known culture in South America. Instead, they include representations of cobras (kundalinis), geometric mandalas, and jadeite cups, which draw stark similarities to the prehistoric civilizations of either the Mayan culture or of Southeast Asia. Their logographic writings also bear comparison with the ancient language of Sanskrit, while the very name of “La Maná,” translates to “The Mind” or “The Mental Body” in Sanskrit.  

Most notable of the artifacts was a stone pyramid with a third eye (a symbol of higher consciousness), anciently believed to indicate an area of energetic significance. Interestingly, the central location of La Maná is also located 7,470 miles from the pyramids of Giza, a distance representing exactly 30% of the Earth's circumference. Today, this pyramid is still commemorated as a symbol on Splendor's signature blue bottle.

A True Living, Volcanic Water

Living water is water from a natural spring or source that has a molecular structure like that of a snowflake or crystal. When kept intact, it transfers natural energy to living cells in the human body more effectively than water treated by unnatural filtration, treatments, piping, or bottling processes. 


We preserve SPLENDOR’s natural structure from the time it leaves the earth until it reaches your lips. From its natural artesian spring, the water is first transported through surgical-grade stainless steel pipes lined with ionizing magnets, each strategically placed 3.3 meters apart, until it is consciously bottled in our distinctive cobalt blue bottle to protect its natural properties. These features are designed to keep Splendor’s molecules in motion and "alive" until your first sip.

SPLENDOR has been classified as a volcanic water with one of the world’s highest levels of Bovis, or life force, energy. It is believed the water's structure and vibrational level, imbued with the energy of its unique source, promote spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical balance and harmonize the body's chakras or energy centers.