What is volcanic artesian water?

Volcanic artesian water is a water which filters through basalt and lava rocks of a volcano amassing minerals on its journey to the aquifer.

Where is Splendor volcanic artesian water located?

Our aquifer is located in La Maná, Ecuador, near the Cotopaxi volcano, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world.

What is the pH of Splendor Water?

The pH of our water is naturally a very neutral 6.8. Neutral pH water is the easiest for your body to absorb and balance appropriately to its own internal pH, which it tends to do with all water, including alkaline water with either a naturally or artificially higher pH. We always recommend drinking natural spring water, in its most natural state as the earth intended. :)


Why is it important for me to drink?

The naturally occurring gold, silver, and other trace minerals help replenish what is lost during daily activity, thus better hydrating the body.

What is the benefit of colloidal gold and silver?

Naturally occurring colloidal gold reduces cellular oxidation, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin while impeding the accumulation of free radicals that contribute to aging. Colloidal gold is believed to be a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that supports longevity and increased cognitive function.

The colloidal silver particles act as a natural biocide with antibiotic and antiviral properties. This helps to neutralize the effects of organisms considered toxic to the body.

What other minerals are in Splendor Water?

SPLENDOR® water contains naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals, including potassium and magnesium, which improve overall health and energy levels. The artesian water features a low level of TDS (total dissolved solids) in addition to low surface tension, which helps facilitate improved absorption of nutrients, improved elimination of toxins, and effective alignment of the body’s energy centers, known as chakras.

What is cellular absorption and why is it important?

Low TDS (total dissolved solids) and low surface tension help your cells facilitate nutrient absorption, allowing for better hydration and replenishment during daily activity.

What is the significance of the pyramid on the bottle?

During Scientist Guillermo Sotomayor’s mineral excavation and water discovery, he unearthed over 300 prehistoric artifacts, including a stone pyramid believed to be a “cosmic antenna” for ancient civilizations, activated in areas with energetic significance. To honor his discoveries, we have included the iconic pyramid.

What is Splendor’s process?

Untouched by man, the water travels from the spring to the plant via surgical-grade steel pipes. The water is activated by ionizing magnets that keep the water in motion to preserve its properties. Upon arrival at the plant, it undergoes nanofiltration, passing through Swiss technology to activate the water’s naturally occurring silver particles. As the silver is a natural biocide, it eliminates the need for chemical ozone treatment, which would affect the water’s natural properties and hydrating capabilities.

What types of materials do you use for their packaging?

Splendor utilizes 100% recycled PET in all of our plastic bottles as well as fully recyclable glass for our glass bottles. In Ecuador, we reuse our glass bottles up to 60 times. Splendor is committed to reusing 8-% of our raw materials as part of our B-Corp certification process.

Is rPET safe?

RPET, or recycled PET, is absolutely safe. It meets the FDA’s vigorous standards, ensuring its safety as a food and beverage container.

What sizes are available?

Splendor is currently available in the following sized offerings: 250ml (upon request of samples), 500ml, 750ml (sport cap or regular cap), 1 L, and 1.5 L.

Where can I purchase?

Currently you can purchase our products at splendorwater.com, or at our partner retailer, Summerfield Farms, or on summerfieldfarms.com. If you would prefer to purchase from your neighborhood market, have them contact wholesale@splendorwater.com.

Who do I need to contact regarding press and sponsorship?

Please contact help@splendorwater.com.

I want to sell Splendor Water. Who do I need to contact?

For distribution needs please contact wholesale@splendorwater.com.

Customer Service and Shipping/Returns:

Your order will be processed within 24 hours of receiving it. We are closed on weekends so please keep in mind when placing your order.

For customer support please contact us at help@splendorwater.com or by calling (888) 271-3035.

How do I cancel my order or change the address after I have placed my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel or change orders once they are placed since they are fulfilled immediately after receiving. If you are unhappy about an order, please contact our customer support team at help@splendorwater.com