Meet Stephanie’s favorite water.

I had always thought all waters were created equal until I met the “blue bottle,” and now it’s my only choice. I feel hydrated on a whole new level- and when I don’t have it, I crave the hydration that is unparalleled to Splendor. Wherever the stage takes me, you’ll see a blue bottle right by my side.

Stay hydrated!

- Stephanie

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A Sacred Origin

Sourced from a natural aquifer in the rainforest in La Maná, Ecuador, SPLENDOR starts its journey as snowfall atop one of the world’s highest active volcanoes—the Cotopaxi—at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The volcano’s high elevation, unique equatorial positioning, and basalt and lava rocks give the water vital minerals and energy as it filters naturally through the volcano for centuries. La Maná and the Cotopaxi have long been considered a powerful cradle of life to ancient civilizations and provide an intriguing history behind SPLENDOR’s source.

Use your exclusive discount
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your first order!